Corporate Profile

Prime was conceived by the Assemblies of God Professionals Network (AGPN) in 2004 to promote the habits of savings and investment among members of Assemblies of God, Ghana (AG). In 2006 nearly thirteen thousand persons, including some local ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Churches, subscribed to the shares of PRIME. With this large number, PRIME became a public company under the Company’s Code of Ghana. In order to manage the share bought by members of ASSEMBLIES OF GOD, the Executive Presbytery of ASSEMBLIES OF GOD appointed ASSEMBLIES OF GOD PROFESSIONAL NET WORK as the trustees of all shareholdings with the exception of a few large shareholders and the shares owned by the General Council of ASSEMBLIES OF GOD. The Company obtained its operating license from the National Insurance Commission (NIC) in December 2006 and commenced operations in January 2007.

Prime Insurance Company was formed on the core values of Trust and Integrity. Since receiving our license to provide insurance services in Ghana, the company has continued to offer services that are consistent with our original mandate - to protect the interests of our clients through prompt service, fair policies, and the flexibility to meet your most demanding insurance needs. Our business remains committed to your success.

Mission Statement

To provide a customer-centered insurance service that is fast, fair, and flexible.

Vision Statement

To be the foremost and preferred insurer of our time

Core Values



Prime Insurance Company limited has extensive reinsurance arrangements to enable us grant adequate insurance coverage to our clients.